How Humans Will Ever Look Like In A 1,000 Years?

If you ever turn the pages of the history of human race, even at the latest past, you'll see the transition in not only the way we carry out our things but also in the overall appearance.

As per the recent video introduced by AsapSCIENCE, the average height of humans has increased by 10 cm over past 150 years and the average human lifespan has improved 20 years, thanks to most important discoveries in the field of science.

Needless to mention, there are some changes that are taking place without our awareness. Researchers are increasingly advancing the technology the way we used to cultivate our food supply on farms, and they're not coming to a standstill anytime soon.

Well, you don’t need to fret too early! There are also many astonishing developments to look ahead. Scroll down to know more. 

Robots will replace humans

Robots will replace humans
In the coming one thousand years’ time period, it is anticipated that human race will look more different than what they look like at present. We'll also steer our working area in a different way that is most of our tasks will be done by robots. Certainly, in the future, many individuals will be exiled in the similar manner as it happened in two different movies, wherein Mr Bucket was displaced in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, remember this that innovative research is all the time on the rise and that many scientists may create opposing philosophies. There will be a time when highly sophisticated machines and next-generation robots will swap humans in the place of work. With technology becoming more resilient and advanced day-by-day, we can only anticipate progressively more machines to fill in the human labour. Even though it is awfully gloomy, from a trade perception, it's much more resourceful in terms of value and swiftness.