Some Weird Kissing Techniques That Will Your Take Your Partner’s Breath Away.

Yes, kissing techniques can be weird and it may not be as decent as people do in public. We all fantasize about the kiss and first kiss to your lover is always awkward yet memorable and sweet. But there is one thing that matters a lot is the kissing technique, it may not sound like it’s the only technique you have got to seduce your girl but it plays a major role. The right kissing techniques can take her breath away. If you are a regular kisser with regular techniques, you might wanna try some new techniques that are weird but it will surely spice up the things between you. Keep scrolling to know more about it.


Top 14 weird kissing techniques to take your partner’s breath away. Take a look!

1. The random kiss

1. The random kiss

Dart around your partner’s face, leave random splotches of saliva and keep teasing until you finally kiss on the lips.