17 Badass Things That Turn Men On

There are the obvious moves, yes, but these subtle cues will surprise and delight him.
Do you ever wonder what men think?
I feel like I spend way, way, way too much energy every day just trying to figure out what the male of the species is thinking about. When you’re into a man and you’ve just started “talking” (that perilous and barf-inducing period right before you DTR (define the relationship) and establish yourself as a boyfriend and girlfriend in a relationship, is it even possible NOT to wonder what men think?
Okay, hit me my dudes: What is the weirdest thing that turns you on?
– “Girls crying. I don’t know why, it’s not that I would ever TRY to make a girl cry, but when my girlfriend cries I feel a sense of power because she is being vulnerable with me and trusts me.”
– ” I like women eating sausage rolls with lots of ketchup on them. Lots and lots of ketchup.”
– “A nice crisp stick of celery.”

– “To activate my sex drive before I bone out my partner so good, I grab my own ass. The feeling of my own hands supporting my gorgeous cheeks turns me on. I throw my head back and howl at the sky, “You want a piece of me God, you bring it!” I then turn and face my partner who should now be wearing a Toronto Raptors mascot costume. At this point, I am ready to begin penetrating my partner.” [Edit: I do not believe this response is sincere, but I included it because it is goddamn comic gold.]

– “Lesbian incest erotica and porn. Not the reality, but the fantasy, is very hot.”

– “Flannel. One time she answered the door in her fuzzy robe and at the sight of her I was ready to go for it right there in the apartment hallway.”

– “Ladybugs.”