24 Tricky Questions That Will Give Your Brain A Great Workout

Do you ever just sit around and feel like you really need to train your brain a little?

I mean your job gets you exhausted but your brain isn’t tired.

You need to answer a tricky question or perhaps figure out a good riddle…


1. Well, you have come to the right place. Training your brain should be taken pretty seriously. It can benefit you and your health, in the long run, so from time to time, it’s smart to take a break from social media and turn to a good set of intriguing, brain-busting questions. Here are 25 intriguing questions that will make you itch your head and maybe even research the answer. So get your thinking caps on and try out these questions! Answers are provided, but make sure you try one on your own before you look.

Here’s the first question, to test your airplane knowledge: According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), these two passengers must not sit together in the same row in the airplane…who are these two people? Think about it, take some time…alright. Ready for the answer? It’s Cats and Dogs! I mean, that is a pretty tricky question but at the same time, I guess it’s kind of common sense right? If you got that one right, good job!