Is Missionary Sex Really Boring? Spice Up This Underrated Move

Missionary sex has a really bad reputation. But is it actually deserved? Here are some ways to spice up this sex move often known for being boring.
If there’s one sex position that has the worst reputation, it’s this one. Too many people shut down missionary sex like it’s the worst, most dull way to get it on. Those people, however, just aren’t doing it the right way.

Missionary sex can be extremely satisfying if you know how to make it better. Understandably, it can get monotonous if you do it the same way every single time you have sex. It can also seem less than exciting if it’s the ONLY thing you do during sex.


Switching things up in the bedroom is better for everyone

Switching things up in the bedroom is better for everyone

No matter which position you do, doing it every single time the entire time will get boring after a while. Your body will be used to it and it won’t have the same effect anymore. It might feel good but not quite as great as it should.

And you’ll just be bored. The less exciting sex is, the more you’ll avoid doing it. In fact, you’ll find that getting yourself off is more fun since it’s something different. You need to switch things up in the bedroom to make it feel better and to be more engaged. [Read: 22 tips for spicing things up in the bedroom]