A Guide To Finding Out What Your Future Children Might Look Like

Have you ever wondered what your future children might look like? Well, modern science may have the answer, as it can predict:

Which dominant genes will be passed on.
Your child’s hair color.
And even your child’s eye color.

While obviously, it can’t produce an exact image of what your future child will look like, a chart has been produced that may give you a better idea of what traits will be passed on.

The chart decides this based on your genes, categorizing them into strong and weak. Strong genes tend to dominate and overpower weaker ones, increasing the odds they’ll be passed on to your child.


1. The chart could possibly be a precursor to genetic prediction. As we may soon be able to create a computerized image of what your child may look like based only on strands of DNA with your bone structure determined by ancestry. Pretty cool, huh?