Pain during sex: What can it be?

Sex is not always as great as we would like - sometimes it can hurt.This is also confirmed 
by a study published in 2015 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. About 1700 men and women
were interviewed. Most of them were heterosexual.
The result: in fact, every third of the interviewed women had pain in their last sexual 
intercourse. For the men it was about seven percent.
How can it come to that? In today's bird science we ask: Why can sex hurt - and what 
can be done about it?
"The reasons why sex hurts can usually be divided into two categories," says gynecologist
Cornelia Friedrich. There are the so-called dyspareunias, sexual pain disorders that
affect both men and women. And there is vaginismus - a penetration disorder that only
occurs in women. We explain what that means.

1. Sexual pain disorders can have biological or psychological causes.

Physical causes in women are, for example, inflammation 
of the vaginal mucous membranes or bladder, a fungal
infection or cysts, ie cavities filled with fluid,
explains Friedrich. It is also possible scars in the
vagina, such as the birth of a child or surgery.
"Inflammation can usually be treated with antibiotics,"
says the gynecologist. The scarring helps lubricants
or an operative correction. Cysts would sometimes have
to be operated on and removed.