Andrew Lincoln Reportedly Leaving The Walking Dead In Season 9

Andrew Lincoln Reportedly Leaving The Walking Dead In Season 9

Numerous reports are claiming some big, big news this evening. Andrew Lincoln, known for starring as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, is rumoured to be leaving the show in Season Nine. 

Yes, that’s right. The news none of us were expecting to hear – but countless reliable sources are now claiming that Rick Grimes will only be battling his way through the post-apocalyptic war-zone of TWD for one more season before calling it quits.

While it hasn’t been confirmed and people aren’t too sure just how Rick will be making his exit from the show, it has been reported that he will only star in around half a dozen episodes of the next season before leaving. 

According to Collider, the loss will be a huge one – especially considering Lincoln’s character has been at the epicentre of TWD from the very beginning.

However the same source has reported that TWD’s network, AMC, are offering a huge amount of dolla to co-star Norman Reedus to ensure he doesn’t leave the show too.

While the cause of Lincoln’s departure from the show isn’t certain, what is is that ratings in the past two seasons have dropped rather significantly as opposed to the massively popular first five.

The Walking Dead Season Nine is expected to air in Autumn this year.

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